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Start Your Journey For Less Than Your Copay

This eBook will change the way you see our healthcare system.

Understand why conventional medicine isn’t working, what options you have to begin reversing chronic illnesses and how to get started for less than a doctor’s visit.

7 Tips to Dramatically Transform Your Health

Before you see a doctor, take these 7 simple lifestyle steps to start transforming your health now!

We’ve created a FREE guide for you that walks you through 7 simple steps you can implement TODAY to start feeling better and creating sustainable health.

Now More Than Ever

Research is showing that those most impacted by COVID-19 are those with a lifestyle disease.

Now more than ever, investing in your well-being, with the support of top Functional Medicine doctors, advocates and resources is vital.

Real talk: Now more than ever, it is critical that we understand how broken our current healthcare system truly is:

For most people, going to the doctor isn’t the best first step to effectively address their health concerns, as it is often an expensive, time consuming and confusing experience.

Functional Medicine offers you an empowering alternative. A path for form healthy habits.

And at FindFunctional we’ve made it easily affordable and accessible for all.

Functional Medicine treats the individual, not the disease

Where conventional medicine asks “Which drug can I prescribe for this disease or to treat this symptom”, Functional Medicine goes deeper and looks at:

  • “WHY do you have this condition in the first place?”
  • “WHAT is the root cause of this symptom or condition?”
  • “HOW can we restore your wellbeing?”
  • “WHAT can we do now to prevent illness and maintain optimal health?”

Functional Medicine offers you personalized health care that goes beyond the symptom to uncover the root cause of your condition. It finds solutions for chronic illness by supporting the normal healing mechanisms of your body to help you achieve and sustain vibrant health.

Are you ready to get started?

Until now, Functional Medicine has had an expensive, out-of-pocket entry point. 

There is a way to get started on your Functional Medicine journey, for less than a doctor’s visit.

Gain inside information from James Maskell, Co-Founder of FindFunctional, on why Conventional Medicine is not working for you, why making lifestyle changes is hard to sustain – and what you can actually do about it. 

Get the FREE EBook to begin applying Functional Medicine to your life and start changing your health, today.

Feel better and take your health into your own hands – in 7 simple steps

With a few simple lifestyle changes you can begin to feel better, prevent disease and create optimal health – today.

Discover the 7 practical and simple steps you can take right now (and without having to spend a single dollar) to begin your journey towards vibrant health and wellbeing.

Get our FREE Self-Health Creation guide below and start applying the 7 simple steps to your own life today: