Immune Resilience Challenge
Health Changes
Proven strategies to reduce your susceptibility to future infection. Built on Functional Medicine principles.
Challenge Dates:
22 - 26

Why Your Immune System Matters

Your immune system is responsible for your body’s overall health and wellbeing! 

We have the potential to build a healthy immune system. 

Or we can easily contribute to a breakdown of our immune system, causing nearly every chronic illness possible.

Our intention is to start building your body’s “health army,” creating a defense squad that is powerful enough to combat any environmental, viral, external disease that crosses your path. 

We intend on making everyone in our community strong against internal and external forces to create a healthy, happy, thriving body that interacts with our modern world.
We'll offer the right tools that are simple to implement, and a community to welcome you with open arms.

Every day, you'll hear from our Health Advocates, to guide you in the Functional Medicine space.

Seeing change in your health can be as simple as showing up. 

Are you in need of more energy, more personal empowerment, more joy and more hope for what is possible with your body and your health? 
Let’s start this journey, together! Over 5 days, you will:
Make simple health changes for big impact .

Clear the clutter of different ideas & follow easy guidance.

Start your journey with the Functional Medicine approach for free.
Get support by a great community on the same path
Have access to expert guides.

Start feeling better, now!

This challenge will help you feel better. But it is much more than that.
These 5 days are the start of your path to reversing your chronic illness, to waking up well, to having your optimal health to engage your life, your family, your kids, your career. 

Challenge Workbook 

You'll receive a PDF workbook that will guide you through the 5 days, keep you on track and help you succeed!

Daily Live Videos 

Each day, we will have a functionally trained Health Advocate to walk you through the day’s challenge and help set you up for success.

Community Discussions 

Connect with others around the world who are on the same path, with the same challenges who are looking for the same support as you.

Personal Health Tracker

Take personal health quiz at the beginning and end of the challenge to track your progress in your health creation.

Are you ready to sign up for the FREE Immune Resilience Challenge with the FindFunctional team? 

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Challenge begins 
Monday, June 22nd 

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