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Start your Journey with Functional Medicine for less than a copay

In just 10 minutes you’ll see why the current healthcare system is broken, and what you can do about it without having to invest a huge amount of money.

Remove the financial barrier to better health:

After 15 years in the Functional Medicine industry, author and Co-Founder of FindFunctional, James Maskell, clearly understands the trends keeping people stuck in poor health:

  • Financial barriers
  • Accountability on follow through 
  • Clear guidance for actual change

No one is addressing this, yet. So, he knew it was his purpose to take the community and resources he’s gathered to bring you the ability to start your journey to better health without the barriers.

James Maskell

Co-Founder of FindFunctional

What will I get in this eBook?

James walks you through what is broken about our current healthcare system, why you’re likely going in circles attempting to build your health and immune system, and will help you start understanding your unique triggers, the foundations of health creation, and help you change environmental factors that can be dramatically impacting the quality of your life.

Step 1

Download and Read the Ebook

Step 2

Join the FindFunctional Community

Step 3

Meet the Health Advocates available to support your journey!