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An affordable group health program driven by Functional Medicine

The Immune Collaborative

A 12 Week Group Health Journey

The Immune Collaborative is a 12-week group coaching program that will guide you towards vibrant and sustainable health. Led by one of our functionally trained Health Advocates and together with a group of other health seekers, you’ll go through a powerful process that allows you to...

Group Support & Message Center
Led by your functionally trained Health Advocate
Guided Process for Health Creation
12 Weekly Calls
Accountability Partner
Functional Medicine Approach
Personalized Health Plan based on your individual Health Score
12 Weekly Calls
Group Support & Message Center
Guided Process for Health Creation
Functional Medicine Approach
Led by your functionally trained Health Advocate
Personalized Health Plan based on your individual Health Score
Accountability Partner

Discover Your 12-Week Immune Collaborative Journey

In addition to the weekly group coaching calls that are the core of the Immune Collaborative journey, you’ll also get weekly content to help you get a deeper understanding of your symptoms, what caused them and what you can do to take back control of your health.

Here’s what you’ll discover over the course of 12 weeks:

Week 1
Power of Purpose and Community
Get to know everyone in your group, discover each other’s stories and connect by sharing your intentions and purposes for being part of this program
Week 2
Goals and Accountability
Set smart health goals, get clear on the changes you want to make and use the power of the group to hold you accountable
Week 3
Assessment and Evaluating Your Function
Understand your body and your symptoms on a deep level, discover the root causes of your condition and your personal next steps in how to turn your condition around
Week 4
Begin to create your foundation of health by changing your habits in a non-overwhelming way and through small, achievable steps
Week 5
Nutrition and Healing Diets
Discover how food can serve as your medicine, how to balance your blood sugar and identify exactly which food works for you and which doesn’t
Week 6
Digestive Health
Digestion 101 (Upper and Lower Digestion)

The 5 Rs of Gut Healing
Week 7
Stress and Relaxation
Discover the 12 types of stress, identify your current stress level and the practical steps and mindset shifts you need to create more relaxation and rest in your life
Week 8
Exercise and Movement
Understand which type of movement works best for you and identify the right amount of exercise that will make you feel energized and boost your immune systems
Week 9
Sleep and Natural Rhythms
Why sleep is connected to chronic illnesses and the practical strategies to create a better quality of sleep and discover the amount of hours you need to feel your best
Week 10
Integrating your individual diet
Find a sustainable way to eat foods that make you feel good and healthy without having to deprive yourself or never being able to go to a restaurant
Week 11
Environment and toxins
Learn about toxins in the body, the effects they have on you and how to avoid environmental toxins to sustain vibrant health
Week 12
Putting it all together
Celebrate your growth and your journey and discover how to continue co-creating vibrant health and living a life you love
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Are you ready to finally feel better - and keep it that way?

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or simply want to feel healthier, happier and more energized, achieving your health goals can be extremely difficult… If you’re trying to do it all on your own. Maybe you’ve gone through a few different approaches and are even following doctors orders and taking your medications, and yet you:

Clear Brain Fog
Overcome Fatigue
Clear Skin Irritations
Start Losing Weight
Understand Emotional Swings
Relieve Physical Pain
Address Body Aches
Calm Irritability

You are not alone.

Getting - and staying - healthy can feel confusing, overwhelming and difficult to achieve…. If you don’t have a trusted process you can follow, a path to health that’s tailored to your specific needs and the accountability and support you need to follow through on your goals.

Sound familiar? Then we’re so glad you’re here.

Because we’ve created a solution that provides you with all of that and more… And at an extremely affordable price.

Welcome to The Immune Collaborative

Join the 12 week group program where you’ll start to:

Understand your body and your symptoms
Define your health goals and develop individual plan
Implement Functional Medicine principles
Become your own Health Advocate
Benefit from the power of community
Get support and accountability with your group
Stop feeling lonely or isolated on your health journey
Receive professional guidance and support
Discover the exact lifestyle changes you need to make

Information alone won't change your life

You likely have a good understanding of healthy choices to make in your life.

So why is it so hard to stick with the plan and see results?

Too much information can be harder no information at all.

Working with your group, you will have specific plans created for you to help you thrive inside a system that has worked for thousands of people around the World.

Taking action will get you results. Be guided on the right path and stay accountable every step of the way.

Getting healthy doesn't have to be lonely

Once you’re part of a group of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you…

Following through on your lifestyle changes becomes so much easier!

Finally everyone “gets you”.

Imagine how much more motivated and inspired you’ll feel when you get to share your wins and struggles with others?

When you’re being supported and held accountable (without judgment).
And when you feel understood, heard and seen in a completely safe and confidential space.

Plus, you’ll get answers to all your questions, you’ll discover new ways of how you can thrive and you’ll finally be in the driver’s seat of your own health.

Meet the Health Advocates

A health advocate has a similar role in your health journey as a coach. But our Health Advocates are trained professionals in functional medicine with an understanding of the protocols, high standards and functional medicine options to support you with.

The Health Advocate is well equipped to guide you onto your journey to health with a functional medicine approach and specifically trained to support you in overcoming chronic disease and illness beyond simply wanting to feel better.

Here are a few of our Health Advocates.

Kristi Criswell
Health Advocate

Lisa Jackson
Health Advocate

Christina Tidwell
Health Advocate

Join the Immune Collaborative now!

Our Immune Collaborative
12-Week Group Program

12 Group Calls with your Health Advocate

12 Modules of Content to take you on a intentional path to health

Group Message Center for unlimited support and accountability

Accountability Partners


Only $41/week


The Community Cure by James Maskell Audiobook

Do you have questions about the Immune Collaborative?

Our team is here to help you. Simply send a message using the blue chat icon in the bottom right of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Immune Collaborative a group program?

One of the biggest causes of mortality is isolation and loneliness. It is critical in our modern world, especially during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders across the country. Group Medical visits have been needed desperately, and drove Co-Founder James Maskell to write the book: The Community Cure.

Groups provide:

  • Community
  • A place to feel understood and supported
  • Like-minded people on a similar journey to associate with
  • Group learning
  • The feeling of realizing you’re not alone
  • Accountability

These are built strategically to enhance your journey, ensure you stay on track, and help you meet great people on a similar path to grow your healthy community relationships.

Why is the focus Immunity?

Your immune system is responsible for your body’s overall health and wellbeing. We have the potential to build a healthy immune system, or can easily contribute to our immune system breaking down causing nearly every chronic illness possible. Our intention is to build your body’s “health army” creating a defense squad that is powerful to combat any environmental, viral, external disease that crosses your path.

We intend on making everyone in our community strong against internal and external forces to create a healthy, happy, thriving body that interacts with our modern world.


Can I get individual support?

Absolutely. If you choose to sign up for the Immune Collaborative, you will have an opportunity to purchase additional 60 minutes private appointments with your Health Advocate to prepare you for the group program. This will go deeper into your individual symptoms, triggers, physiology and more deeply devise your plan to turn your health around.

If you also want to do additional time with your Health Advocate, simply book with your Health Advocate from inside your client portal.

Can I work with my Health Advocate after the Immune Collaborative?

You can! Once your 12 week program is finished, there will be additional group options available, and 1:on:1 opportunities to work with your Health Advocate. If you’re enjoying the work you are doing (which we know you will), we will make sure that you can continue for as long as you’d like.

How many people are in the groups?

Groups will be 15 people - which is the exact right number to have community contribution but also individual support and attention by your Health Advocate. 

Is it possible to change groups?

No problems, we have groups starting frequently, if you attend your first group session and you want to consider changing groups, simply discuss with your Health Advocate, and we can give you your options.

Are you ready to join a supportive community focused on your path to health?

Take the next 3 months to turn your health around!